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From gerberas that you know and love to unique varieties. Each one of them in a variety of colours, types and sizes. Gerbera United is an innovative gerbera nursery and we want to keep surprising you with our special collection.

Catalog 2021

An unrivalled range



Extravagant, original and unique. But first and foremost, beautiful. The Ambitions gerberas are flowers you don’t often see, which is precisely why they are part of the Gerbera United collection in so many different types and sizes. The gerberas in the Ambition line are remarkable as a mono bouquet and absolutely steal the show in a mixed bouquet.




The quintessential gerbera that continues to captivate and is available in so many colours, as a large-flowering variety and mini gerbera. Like the basic T-shirt in your wardrobe this Gerbera has earned its position in every bouquet or flower arrangement.


Since Gerbera United has started, we have continued to stay innovative in the area of mechanization, processing and high-quality products.

Our company is MPS A, MPS Gap and MPS SQ certified, ensuring compliance with the demands of the horticultural sector in the areas of safety, working standards, crop protection and environment.

Every year we set new goals on sustainability and on a social level.

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