What we do?

Growing high quality gerberas of all shapes and colours

What we exactly do? Every day we have the incredible job to grow gerberas from the highest quality. We strive to deliver great service and a wide range of gerbera varieties. Gerbera United has an important name in the field. With a great team of evolved people, you’re able to do what you love the most.


Working and learning

Gerbera United. is always looking for enthusiastic people, ready to learn and unfold.

Gerbera United is a recognized training company. We invest in the employees of tomorrow and therefore believe it is important to leave a lasting impression of what we have to offer as an employer during the orientation phase.

Gerbera United therefore offers internships and work placements, and provides flexibility, so that studying and working with us can be easily combined.

Are you looking for more or are you capable of more? Show us, and together we will look at the possibilities within our company to facilitate your growth!


Wij zijn op zoek naar een chauffeur voor ongeveer 16 tot 24 uur per week in overleg.

Junior Bedrijfsleider

Als Junior Bedrijfsleider draag je zorg voor een open en fijne werksfeer binnen Gerbera United.