Gerbera United

The largest assortment in Gerberas

Over 132 Gerbera varieties are grown on 10.5 hectares across the Gerbera United Greenhouses in Nootdorp, Moerkapelle and Zevenhuizen. This enables us to offer a wide and varied gerbera range, and makes Gerbera United a one-stop shop for all its customers domestically and abroad.

Our mission is to be the nr. 1 brand in the floristry. Together we made the most successful recipe, getting the product leader in gerberas by not only growing the most popular flowers but also the most exclusive ones and by connecting with the most important specialists in the field – florists all over the world.


Gerbera United provides a wide variety of special flowers via its Ambition line. This collection is updated every year with the latest types. The result is a range of gerberas in the most surprising shapes! There are tiny little Piccolinis, curled Pastas, luxurious Spider and rounded Pompom varieties. All the varieties are available in various colours and sizes. The different flowers are also presented as Crazy Mix, a veritable explosion of gerbera colour!


In addition to the Ambition line, Gerbera United features the strong classics of the Perfection line in its assortment. All together, they constitute the wide range that enables customers to find all their gerberas at one and the same address.


Good to know...

Reliable ordering

Good service is a quality we value, for both small and large orders. That is why we think our customers deserve to receive our products as soon as possible. Order in the morning for delivery in the afternoon. Gerbera United believe there is more to good service and so we love to inspire our clients with a distinctive range and the very latest trends.


One supplier, 134 varieties

Gerbera United offers two distinct product lines ‘Ambition’ and ‘Perfection’. The most amazing gerbera varieties are part of the ‘Ambition’ range. Think of the tiny Piccolini, the curly Pasta, the lush Springs and the full Gerondo. ‘Perfection’ varieties are the true classics that complete your collection. Each of these varieties are available all year and they form our complete range. You can get all your gerberas from just one place.


Order 24/7 on our online store

Gerbera United offers a comprehensive service to its clients, including an electronic ordering system. The complete range is available on our online shop, in all the packaging lines and it is continuously updated. This allows our customers to order at any time, and be assured of delivery. The online store is accessed using a login code. No code yet? Ask us for one!

Teamwork makes the dream work

Together with a great team our drive is to make people happy, every single day. Every day we pick fresh flowers from our crops. With our new order and stock system, we manage to deliver high quality gerberas on time in the desired packaging and transport solution. The entire range is available at all times with the most uptodate supply via Floriday or a direct connection to the realtime virtual marketplace (VMP).

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